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This is just a pricing tool and quote system. To place your online order for any custom size up to 40x30 (in 1/4" increments) please go here. For sizes above 40x30 please send us a quote (Step 3) or simply contact us.   If you're not sure of the max size or size ratio of your photo, use our online order system to upload and auto determine that for you.

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Max size available for 1/8 & 1/4 is 96x48. For 1/2 max is 40x30.

Max Width or Height is 36". For larger sizes consider Dibond.

Max Width is 40" and Height is 30".

Max Width is 40" and Height is 30".

Sorry, polish not available above 45".

Polish required with 1/2" Acrylic

Sorry, TruLife Premium Acrylic only available in 1/8" thickness.

Aluminum/Cleat hang system required with 1/2" acrylic.

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