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We specialize in handcrafted, gallery quality photo mounts using unique materials such as acrylic, raw aluminum, bamboo and birch.

Acrylic Prints & Photo Blocks - For The Wall Or Standalone

Our flagship product, the acrylic print, offers the most vibrancy and depth of all the products we offer.  There isn't another product out there that can match the vibrancy and depth of the acrylic face mount.  We have the acrylic available in 1/8", 1/4", 1/2" and 1" blocks along with a premium TruLife acrylic in the 1/8".

Acrylic Prints 1/8, 1/4, 1/2" 

Acrylic Photo Blocks 1" 

NEW! Acrylic Designer Series

Acrylic Prints Videos - Creating An Acrylic Print, Acrylic Photo Block Review & Acrylic Vs Metal Prints.

Metal Prints - Your Photo Mounted To Metal (Aluminum Or Dibond)

When you think of "metal prints" you might be thinking of the thin, high gloss metal prints that have become popular and use a dye sublimation process.  With our metal prints, your photo gets printed to pro grade photo paper then mounted to 1/8" raw aluminum or 1/8" dibond.  Our metal prints offer superior color permanence, accuracy, and gamut.  The appearance is softer, more matte.  If you're looking for a more vibrant, near glossy presentation please have a look at our acrylic prints above.

1/8" 100% Raw Aluminum 

1/8" Dibond (Aluminum Composite) 

NEW! Bordered Dibond 

Prints On Wood - Your Photo Mounted To Bamboo Or Birch!

We offer two prints on wood products with distinct styles and price points to cater to a variety of customers and decor styles.  While both are meticulously crafted and meet our stringent standards for what we consider "gallery quality", our bamboo product is a bit higher end.   Our newest wood product still offers a beautiful, clean look at a more budget friendly price point.  The print on birch wood product features a stunning stacked edge that is finished with gentle sanding to create a gallery quality floating from the wall.

3/4" Eco-Friendly Bamboo

3/4" Birch 

NEW! Birch Blocks (1.25") 

More Bumblejax Gallery Quality Products To Choose From - Canvas, Fine Art Prints & Gatorfoam!

Here at Bumblejax, we have a little something for every decor and every budget.  Whether it's the high end, very modern acrylic prints or a more traditional canvas look, all our products meet strict standards for gallery quality wall art.  Our latest offerings include the canvas prints with a mirrored wrapped edge providing a more traditional look for your photos as well as a few fine art archival quality papers (Lexjet & Hahnemuhle) for your framing needs.

.75" & 1.5" Canvas Prints

Photo & Fine Art Prints

Gatorfoam Photo Mounting

3/4" Gatorfoam

Are you looking for beautiful artwork to design a home or office? We now provide our customers with millions of images to choose from at an affordable price. For each category or collection we have curated some photos to help get you started and you can search our library of millions of photos, paintings and digital art to find the perfect image for your space.   If you need any help finding something let us know!  Begin Your Search.

Why Choose Bumblejax?

  • Gallery Quality - Made In USA

    Our prints are never outsourced and all are made locally in Seattle with gallery quality.  That means using the finest components and free of flaws.

  • 4.96/5 Star Rating Across 2000+ Reviews

    We have the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry at 4.96/5 stars across 2000+ reviews.  All reviews are on 3rd party sites which we have no control over.  They're from our paying customers who love what we're doing.  See all reviews.

  • Prompt & Expert Customer Service

    Our service reps are experts and ready to help at a moments notice.   Our response time is under 30 minutes during business hours and the same agent helps you throughout the process.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We work hard and take care to ensure every customer is happy on every order.  If for some reason you're not happy we'll make it right for you every time.  That's our promise.

Modern photo display techniques are no longer reserved for New York lofts and high-end galleries in Miami and Los Angeles. Our passion is to bring modern frameless photo mounting to everyone with unparalleled quality and customer service. It’s never been easier to transform your digital photos into stunning, gallery quality art using unique materials such as bamboo, birchacrylic glass (plexiglass), raw aluminum, canvas and dibond. All of our handcrafted art is 100% made in the USA using only the finest quality materials and a high end giclee printing process. Each piece is ready to hang with invisible hardware, providing that sleek floating off the wall look. 

With nearly a decade of experience, Bumblejax specializes in creating world-class acrylic prints (1/8", 1/4", 1/2) and acrylic photo blocks (1") using the superior face mounting method to achieve optimal vibrancy and a full color gamut (vs. direct to acrylic printing).  We were one of the first companies in the USA to bring acrylic face mounting and bamboo mounting to the general public with an easy online order system.  Your photo is printed on high-grade photo paper (satin or metallic), then face mounted to the acrylic glass (plexiglass) so that you're looking through the acrylic at your print.  Acrylic is unique in that light refracts within the acrylic (instead of passing through as it does with glass). With the right lighting, your photo almost appears backlit. Finally, we protect the print and provide rigidity by backing the print with dibond and adding the hanging/floating hardware so that your print appears to float off the wall with no hardware visible.  Beautifully modern.