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NEW! 360 View Product Images

These 360 degree product views are real views of our photo mounted products and not fake digital renders.  We spent a lot of time with a local photographer getting 36 shots of each product to create the GIF and soon we'll be providing these in a player with zoom, play, pause and rotate functions.  

NOTE: Not all products are shown in 360 format.  For a full list of products and more photos & video please see our showcase page.

Acrylic 1/4"

This 360 rotation shows our 1/4" thick acrylic face mount with diamond polished edge, metallic paper and dibond backer.  It also shows the aluminum subframe float & hang.

Acrylic Block 1"

1" thick diamond polished edge provides a stunning 3d effect.  This rotation shows our standup configuration (no hanging hardware).

Acrylic Designer Series

1/8" acrylic face & 3/8" colored acrylic backer (white or black) with diamond polished edges.  This rotation shows the white acrylic backer, metallic paper and aluminum/cleat hanging.

Bamboo 3/4"

3/4" thick hand sanded and stained bamboo photo mount with doug fir float and easy wire hang system.  Eco-friendly and beautiful!

Birch 3/4"

Our 3/4" birch product features a stunning stacked edge finished with gentle sanding.   Doug fir wood floats and easy wire hang system for a modern, "floating in air" look.

Birch Block 1.25"

1.25″ birch blocks are hand sanded and stained to produce a beautiful standalone (hang option too!) photo block.  Makes a great gift!  The 360 view doesn't show the hang option.

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