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Aluminum Prints

Aluminum Photo Print - Your Digital Photo Printed & Mounted To 1/8" 100% Raw Aluminum

Easy Online Ordering. Create Your Aluminum Art!

Upload Photo. Choose Size & Paper Option. Easy!

IMPORTANT:  Please note that these are not the "metal prints" you might be accustomed to.  The typical metal print you see online these days are very thin and use a dye sublimation process where the ink is infused into the metal.  Our aluminum prints are made by printing to pro grade photo paper and mounting to 1/8" thick 100% raw aluminum.  Yes, this is an old school, handcrafted way to produce these but the benefit is a wider and more accurate color gamut and a print that will last longer without fading.  The improved color and thicker aluminum give it a higher-end feel and appearance.  Our aluminum print product can be made glossy and vibrant with our gloss laminate or softer, matte with our matte laminate.

Aluminum Photo Print Closeup
  • No Direct Printing To Aluminum.

    We do not print directly to the aluminum.  We print to high grade photo paper (your choice of satin or metallic) and mount the image to the 1/8" raw aluminum to achieve the full color gamut and ink permanence.  Choose a glossy or soft, matte finish with your choice of laminate!

  • Custom Sizes Available.

    We can do any custom size from about 7" to 40" down to the 1/4".  Any size can be ordered online here.

  • Durable.

    While raw aluminum is highly durable, it is a soft metal so we can't produce at huge sizes.  Our size limit with the raw aluminum print is 40".  For larger sizes consider our dibond photo mount product which provides more rigidity at large sizes.

  • Arrives Ready To Hang.

    Your aluminum print arrives ready to hang out of the box with either our wood/wire option or the aluminum/french cleat option.

  • Handcrafted In Seattle.

    Every aluminum print is handcrafted at our shop in Seattle.  Stop by and say hi if you're local!

  • Ships Anywhere In The World.

    Our bulletproof packaging allows us to ship all over the world. Only orders shipping within the US and Canada are available for online ordering.  Please contact us for orders shipped elsewhere.

Quick Facts

Appearance: soft, matte finish or glossy (laminate choice) Sizes: any custom size from 7" to 40" Hanging: wood/wire or aluminum/cleat

What sizes do you offer?

We can do any custom size down to the quarter inch with a minimum dimension of 6" and max dimension of 40".  Any custom size down to the 1/4" is available.

How do I know my photo will look good at the size I want?

First and foremost, rest assured knowing that we would never send out any order that looks fuzzy or pixelated.  While our online order configuration engine does a good job determining the sizes available based on the resolution of the image, every order goes through a manual quality control check to ensure it will look great.  If there is any issue, we contact you before printing.  If you need a custom size we're happy to review your photo and let you know how large you can go!  Just give us a shout.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Most orders will take about two weeks to receive from time of payment. Rush options decrease that time.


Standard: production time for stocked sizes that can be ordered online is typically 4-6 business days.  For custom sizes it's about 7-8 business days.  Depending on what we have in the order queue sometimes orders can get out a day or  two faster.

Rush: we offer a rush production option at checkout online which gets your order out in 24-48 hours for a 20% charge.  We may not be able to do this for very large orders so please contact us before placing a large rush order.


Standard: standard ground shipping is 1-5 business days depending on where you're located from Seattle.  So for example, orders going to WA, OR and ID can be as quick as overnight while orders going to the East Coast will need 5 business days.

Rush: we offer expedited shipping options if you need them, but they can get expensive.  For online orders, you have the choice of 3 day, 2 day and standard overnight shipping.  If you need a different option such as Saturday or AM delivery contact us before placing the order and we can send you a custom pay link.


TIP: Many of our customers are pro photographers with tight deadlines so we understand the need for delivery on specific dates.  If you're unsure of the best option please contact us to discuss your project and deadline.  We are flexible and can push orders out a bit faster if need be and possibly offer a reduced rush rate for large orders, etc.

We can do aluminum photo prints up to a max size of 40x30 and any custom size down to the 1/4".   The price calculator below only shows retail pricing without any coupons or permanent discounting.  Shipping cost also not included.  Shipping is 10% of the product cost for 40x30" and below.  For larger sizes please inquire about a custom quote.  For pricing out all products with discounting and saving quotes please see the full calculator here.

Paper Options

Satin/Lustre Paper
We offer a Diamond Jet Photolustre paper which is a very nice paper and included in the base price of all our products.  While it's a fine choice for any photo, the metallic paper upgrade (see below) is a terrific upgrade for many photos. The satin/lustre paper is typically recommended with photos where people are the focus (ie. family portraits) as well as softer, less vibrant images.

Metallic Paper
We offer the best pigment inkjet metallic paper available which is the Lexjet Sunset Metallic paper.  This is a nice upgrade for photos that are bold and vibrant and offers a bit more depth and pop to the image.

Note: We are often asked to provide an image showing the difference between the two, but it's impossible to capture on a camera.  If you're uncertain, contact us for a consultation and/or consider ordering a couple small paper proofs to see the difference.  You may order a small paper only print here.

Aluminum/Cleat Option

While the floating/hanging mechanism won't be seen once the art is on the wall, some like the more elegant look of the aluminum subframe.  This aluminum/french cleat system floats your print 3/4" from the wall.

Wood/Wire Option

Kiln dried doug fir wood floats your art 3/4" from the wall and included hanging wire and drywall hook allow for a quick 1 minute install no tools required.

Shipping Info

  • The standard ground shipping price is 10% of the product price.
    • Shipping to AK, HI or Canada is 20% of product price + $10.
    • Shipping anywhere else in the world is generally 35-50% of product price depending on size and location.  Contact us for a quote.
  • We offer expedited shipping options at checkout as well - 3 day, 2 day and standard overnight.  Prices vary considerably and are listed online.
  • While we take great care in how we package your art, shipping damage can occur (quite rare).  Each package is fully insured by us.  If any damage occurs we replace it immediately.  Just take a few pics of the box and your photo mount.  No need to send it back.

We offer a simple online ordering system with several standard sizes available.  Just upload your photo, choose your size, your options and checkout.  If you see a size not listed in our online order system, you can contact us for a photo review, price and payment link.  Soon, you will be able to order any size online!

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