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Would you like the BumbleJax man to create a gallery quality masterpiece with your digital photo like the one in the video?  We mount to acrylic/plexiglass (including 1″ blocks!), aluminum, bamboo, birch,  dibond, canvas or gatorfoam. Each piece is hand-crafted with your satisfaction guaranteed right here in our Seattle shop.  Check out over 2000 testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Get started today!  Just head over to our configuration system, choose your product tab, upload your photo, select the size, then any options or upgrades and he’ll take care of the rest, working his magic to create your wall art wonder.

See the acrylic prints process at Youtube along with all our other videos.

Unique Wall Art Idea: Japanese Woodblock Prints On Bamboo

This is the first post in what will be a series of unique wall art ideas featuring our products.  Today, we discuss Japanese woodblock prints which date back hundreds of years when craftsmen spent painstaking hours chiseling away at a woodblock to create a stamp that would imprint beautifully detailed expressions of Japanese life. The golden era for Japanese woodblock prints called the Edo period, lasted from  1603 – 1868 but it wasn’t until the 1760’s that a wider array of colors were used.  Everything from seductive scenes to sumo wrestling to dramatic landscapes were intricately created to reflect the time of peace and prosperity in Japan.  To this day, the skill and patience required to produce these incredible prints haven’t come close to being replicated which is one reason why original prints from this period can be sold for many thousands of dollars (although most are a few hundred).


How To Hang Acrylic (Plexiglass) Prints

If you’ve ordered an acrylic print from us (or any other print), we provide clear instructions and all the hardware needed to hang your print fairly quickly.  All of our acrylic prints at 40×30″ and smaller float and hang on the wall with wire and a monkey hook by default.  We do provide a more elegant (albeit a bit more involved) hanging system with a french cleat using an aluminum subframe for an added cost.  For larger photo mounts above 40×30″ we include a kiln dried doug fir float and hang french cleat system by default.  At larger sizes the french cleat system will be more stable on the wall.  At these large sizes you can upgrade from the wood to a black aluminum float and hang system.  It’s a more elegant look, but not really seen when up on the wall.


Pixels To Printing Tips

Over the 10 years or so we’ve been printing customer photos we’ve seen it all and so wanted to share a few tips to ensure you get the best print possible.  With that said, you’re not on your own here at Bumblejax.  We review every single file before going to print and make adjustments we know will improve the print without changing color.  For example we might lighten, sharpen and denoise to make an obvious improvement.  If we see any issue at all whether it be resolution, color, a typo, etc we always contact the customer.  The process though really begins with the original shot so in this article we provide some things to think about before you capture the photo and move into editing, archiving and calibration.


Beware Of Cheap Acrylic Prints

Ok maybe beware is a bit strong, but the old adage holds true in print just like any other industry.  You generally get what you pay for.  We’ve heard all the horror stories from customers that have come to us over the years of missed deadlines, inferior quality and awful customer support.  If you’re looking for cheap acrylic prints, you won’t find them here, but what you will get are quite a few resources (including this post), to help navigate the waters of the printing industry (and in particular the acrylic prints industry).  Our focus at Bumblejax isn’t racing to the bottom of cheapest and fastest, but producing a high quality product and experience every single time.

We get it ..  face-mounted gallery quality acrylic prints aren’t cheap and may not fit into a budget so a cheaper version may be a better option.   Just know that the cheaper you go in this industry, the more due diligence you should do and hopefully this guide provides a starting point for researching the print house that will be doing the work.   If the due diligence isn’t done, you might find it far more expensive to go cheap than paying a bit more on the first go.


Drone Photography, Photographing Air Shows & Newborn Photography Tips

Here’s another round of nice articles for you photographers out there!

How To Photograph An Airshow

Most articles regarding airshows only highlight the various technical aspects involved. This article is different in that it brings into focus, quite literally, several different ways to maximize your efficiency and get spectacular shots. 

It tells you what kind of lenses will give you the best shots of these aerial events, with lenses ranging from 200mm – 400mm being the best for tight shots of the planes and also for capturing the drama of the flares and trails against the blue sky. It also touches upon the ideal shutter speeds if you want to pause all motion or if you prefer to highlight the motion of the propeller.

Another practical tip that most people overlook is bringing along a tripod – not just for the sake of stability, but also so you can rest your tired arms after holding your heavy cameras for several hours.

One tip that is not covered in the article is to carry an ND-filter so that you can use slower shutter speeds to capture certain patterns and create dramatic images, especially when the planes corkscrew from a great height and pull up suddenly, or when they create smoke trails of various colors.


How To Resize Images Without Losing Quality For Printing

So you’ve taken that perfect photo in the perfect moment.  A photo that would be impossible to duplicate.  The problem is you want to print it large, but for whatever reason, the resolution just isn’t there to produce a quality print.  Perhaps the photo was taken using an old camera, or the photographer sent a low resolution photo and has disappeared or won’t provide the high resolution image (it happens!).  Maybe the photo was taken using a phone camera and/or edited using an app which can greatly diminish resolution.  We also see customers that have uploaded their photos to Facebook or Instagram and have lost the original.  The problem is that these services restrict the size of the image and resize it before posting it to their site.   This is a real problem for those that want to print their photos large.   Whatever the reason, it’s tough to tell a customer who has captured a cherished moment in their life that they can’t produce a quality print at the size they want (or in some cases, any size at all).


Weird Photography Tricks; Shutter Speed & Photographing The Night Sky

9 Weird Photography Tricks That Actually Work

I am always on the lookout for unique photography hacks to achieve interesting effects in my shots. Using creative hacks is so much cheaper than spending thousands of dollars to buy new equipment for different hacks. Its so much more fun too.

This article lives up to its title and does exactly that by providing you 9 unorthodox and creative tricks to spice up your photography game. Some of them are so weird that they seem implausible at first and others are so easy, you may wonder why you didn’t think of it first. Easy or weird, the fact is these tricks work and they will make for hours of creative photography fun.   

The trick for getting shaped bokeh is a great contender for the weirdest tip that actually works, and surprisingly well at that! Another one is the lens reversal trick that instantly transforms your regular lens to a macro lens and allows you to explore a side of photography that is otherwise only possible with only expensive lenses.

However, there are some tips that can potentially damage your camera- your lampshade holder may not be strong enough to support a DSLR, especially with a heavier lens. It may distort the shape of the holder, or worse, break and cause the camera to fall and get damaged.

The lens reversal technique for macro shots completely exposes the interiors of your camera. Even a bit of dust or moisture getting inside your camera can damage it.

Do try these tricks but remember to be cautious.


Canvas Prints by Bumblejax Now Available

Order Your Canvas Prints Online Here
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Yeah it might seem a bit nuts to just now be offering canvas prints given their popularity, but our focus has been and will always be (for the most part!) launching highly unique photo display products.  It’s why we’ve focused on our acrylic, bamboo and raw aluminum products and more recently added birch, bordered dibond and a high-end acrylic designer series product.

That said, many of customers who have come to trust our quality and service over the years have mentioned they’d like to get all their artwork done with us.  It’s a more seamless process this way and we’re always improving our service based on customer feedback.  If you’re a new customer looking for canvas prints we’d love to work with you as well!