Diptych & Triptych Prints As Featured Wall Art

So you’ve just moved into a new place or maybe you’ve just always had a big white wall and couldn’t decide what to put there.  There are many options to choose from and it’s difficult to decide what to do.  What material, how large, which photo, maybe a painting instead?  It can be paralyzing to think about all the options, but here is one idea that some of our customers choose and that’s the diptych or triptych art option.  Maybe it’s an option for you as well.  We can create these for you using our very popular and vibrant acrylic product or our softer, more matte photo mounted products using bamboo, birch raw aluminum or dibond.  You can use your own photo to personalize your home or office or choose from the millions of images we have in our art gallery.

What is a diptych and triptych you ask?  It’s simply the result of splitting a photo (or giclee print of a painting) into two (diptych) or three (triptych).  Triptych is derived from the Greek word triptukhon (meaning three-fold) which was often seen as a set of three panels where the two outer panels could fold in.  Today, it’s usually just three art pieces in a row (could be horizontally or vertically, although typically horizontally).  While diptych and triptych art is typically one photo that is split as you see in the examples below, it can also be three photos or paintings that are similar in style.  If you do decide to split a photo to create this kind of art, just be aware of where the split occurs since for some photos it won’t be ideal.  For abstract photos like you see on the right, it won’t matter as much, but if there are important components of the photo (like people) you’ll need to be more careful.  We can show you where the splits in your photo would be if you contact us.

In the photos above you see that the diptych (left) and triptych (right) works really well for a feature wall.   By splitting the image into a few pieces and separating them you can span a larger space and visually it may be more appealing than one big piece.  Perhaps it’s because it blends in with the room better rather than taking over as it could with one large panel. Another potential benefit is the shipping cost.  Very large pieces can be very expensive to ship.  For single art pieces over about 55″ we typically need to ship them in a custom made wood box via freight to ensure safe arrival.  Splitting it up into a couple smaller pieces can save significantly on shipping although the product price is more since two or three pieces are created instead of the one which results in more labor time.  We can certainly run all the pricing options for you to help you make the best decision.

Do you have a big blank wall in your home or office begging for some artwork?  The diptych and triptych idea could be the way to go!  Whether you want to use your own photo or choose one from our art gallery, Bumblejax is happy to help you determine the best photo and product for your space that fits within your budget.  We can even do a mockup of your room for you like the ones above so you can see how it might look before making the purchase.  Catch us on live chat (below), call us or email us.


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