How Do I Clean My Acrylic Print?

Cleaning your acrylic print can be done in two ways really and whatever you do ALWAYS use a very soft micro fiber cloth.  You can simply use a damp cloth and for deeper cleaning, it depends on the acrylic type you have purchased.

Standard Acrylic:  this requires a special cleaner called Brillianize (we sell the kit with the cleaner and cloth for $10).  For removing fine scratches and polishing you can use the Novus products.  Other cleaners such as Windex should not be used on our standard acrylic.

TruLife Acrylic: this acrylic offers some benefits over our standard acrylic such as a little more UV protection, about 20% glare reduction and scratch resistance.  This acrylic does not require a special cleaner and any non-ammonia cleaner such as Windex can be used.



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