How to Design an Astonishing Gallery Wall at Home

A gallery wall adds visual interest to any room, and it’s a terrific way to showcase your personal style. From wall art on canvas, to modern acrylic prints to framed photos, the possibilities are endless. Before you begin your gallery wall plans, there are some important things to keep in mind. Read on for a few tips that will show you how to design a stunning gallery wall in your own home.

Start with a color palette

The items for your gallery wall don’t have to match perfectly in terms of color, but they should be within the same general tone. For example, choose light-colored frames for all of your artwork or select pictures that feature a similar colorway. This will ensure that everything looks cohesive and well-curated. Landscape paintings featuring colors of blue and green look beautiful alongside modern artwork on canvas featured in similar colors. Your frames should also generally be a similar color to get a nice, seamless look in your home.  At Bumblejax, we have an online gallery with millions of images to choose from and you can search by color to stick with a color theme.

Anchor your collection with a focal point

The key to creating a stunning gallery wall is choosing one large work of art and then group smaller items around it. Think about what you want the theme of your gallery wall to be, then select a piece that’s larger in scale and size. This will help to anchor the rest of your collection and draw the eye toward the gallery wall. Ideally, the largest piece should be somewhere in the center, displaying the smaller items above, below, and beside it. Before choosing your focal point, measure your wall and write out a layout, including the dimensions of the most prominent piece to use as a guide.

Display some acrylic prints

Acrylic prints are different from paintings, as they feature a sleek, more modern aesthetic. These prints are not actual paintings, but instead, your art is printed to professional photo paper then reverse mounted to the acrylic. The result is a beautiful work of art with crisp details and a nice, even smooth surface. If you’re aiming to design a modern or contemporary gallery wall, some acrylic prints are a fantastic addition. This artwork is bright and glossy, adding bold color and a unique “wow” factor to your walls.

Mix it up: Hang items horizontally and vertically

There is no rule stating that all of the pieces in your gallery wall have to be in the same direction or format. Add some interest by hanging various items in both a horizontal and vertical style. For example, a classic landscape photograph in a panoramic view is an excellent horizontal piece to display. Surround it with vertical prints and artwork to create a varied look. This also keeps the eye moving, encouraging people to scan the gallery wall and look around at everything you have on display.

Hang framed and unframed pieces

Not all of the art on your gallery wall has to be framed. Try a beautiful canvas print that has the image wrapped around the edges for a unique, three-dimensional look. You can also mix and match other items on the wall, including woven tapestries, small sculptures, a nice wall clock, or even turn your WiFi password into art and hang it on your new gallery wall. Mix things up by alternating between framed and unframed items, or just choose a few unframed pieces to give it some texture and variety.  For non-framed pieces we have many styles to choose from if you’d like to get away from more traditional framed and canvas prints.

Display some photography

Gorgeous professional photography can do wonders for your gallery wall. Whether you opt to hang a photo of you and your loved ones or a professional photographic image with an artful appeal, photography can really give the wall some bold definition. You can display your photographs in black and white or full color. The key is to keep them in a similar theme to everything else so that the gallery wall looks cohesive.  If you need professional photography that can be printed large be sure to check out our online gallery!

Try Diptych and Triptych prints

While a single photo or work of art is interesting, you can also add variety by hanging up a few diptych and triptych prints. This artwork features two and three images that are separately framed or mounted, respectively. It can be anything from an animal or landscape to an abstract painting. The key is to display these items on your gallery wall to give it a bold, dynamic look. Most diptych and triptych prints or paintings come as a set and can be purchased together, so they’re easy to find.  We can also create them here at Bumblejax for you!

Keep these tips in mind to help you avoid design mistakes when planning an awe-inspiring gallery wall in your own home. Whether you’re hanging up acrylic prints or framed photography, it’s important to choose artwork that is meaningful to you. Remember to measure your wall and choose a beautiful anchor or focal point to help you design a stunning gallery wall that’s sure to impress. 

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