Metallic Photo Prints On Acrylic Provide The Pop

The acrylic face mounted print provides incredible vibrancy with any type of paper, but when paired with a metallic paper it bumps up the depth and vibrancy particularly with vibrant, colorful images.  Add in a third component of good overhead lighting and the effect is stunning and is sure to turn heads particularly in a sea of canvas wraps and traditional frames.

There are a few types of metallic photo print papers out there with the FujiFlex Crystal Archive and Kodak Endura probably the most popular and well known.  Those are C prints though and our focus is solely on inkjet prints which now provide better color accuracy and longevity than C prints.  It’s also a much more eco-friendly process.  The best in the biz as far as metallic inkjet prints go is the Lexjet Sunset Metallic and it’s a paper we’ve used for many years now with rave reviews.   You can see more about Lexjet metallic photo prints here.

It’s difficult to get a feel for the difference in an image or video, so this is something that really needs to be seen with your own eyes to appreciate.  Not sure this is the look for you?  We suggest ordering either a small acrylic proof with the metallic paper in our online configuration system or you can also just order the metallic print without the acrylic mounting here.

We do have customers that insist on the Fuji or Kodak Endura paper and in that situation, we may be willing to acrylic face mount it for you depending on what you need.  Please contact us for details.

Below is a video highlighting a large custom piece we did using a customer supplied Kodak Endura Metallic print face mounted behind acrylic.  Our Lexjet Sunset metallic paper offers a very similar look.  Please excuse the glare in this video!  It was shot during the day with huge picture windows behind using our standard acrylic.  For most people glare isn’t an issue, but if it is for you we do have a couple anti-glare acrylic options.  You can see all our custom acrylic options here.

Get started creating your acrylic/metallic print today! (the metallic option will appear after you select acrylic)

Here’s a short video from Andrea Pender Photography discussing the metallic paper as well.

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  • Lee photographers

    Just a quick question on metallic prints. I love the look but am in need of direction on should they be sprayed or not to protect them. I have not sprayed my metallic prints so as to not reduce any of the great look, can you give me your view.


    November 29, 2011 at 2:11 pm

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