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Japanese Woodblock Prints

The golden age of Japanese woodblock prints was the period between 1603 and 1868 during a time of peace and prosperity (referred to as the Edo Period). The genre is referred to as ukiyo-e which translates to "pictures of the floating world" and involves a complex and intricate form of print making where sketches are carved to wood blocks which are then used to stamp the image into a paper print. There are a few websites out there selling original Japanese woodblock prints that range from under $100 to many thousands of dollars. These sites are terrific resources for collectors and fans of the original art. What we provide here at Bumblejax are giclee reproductions where the digitized original is printed to fine art paper and optionally mounted to materials such as bamboo, aluminum, birch or acrylic for a beautiful, contemporary look. We can produce these in any custom size for you up to about 60" (depending on the quality of the digital reproduction). Pricing ranges from about $50 to $600 depending on the size and material.

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