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NEW! TruLife Premium Acrylic Prints

  • Anti-Reflective
  • Anti-Static & Scratch Resistant
  • 99% UV Protection
  • No Special Cleaner Needed

Create Your TruLife Acrylic Print Today!

After uploading your photo, choose your size then the TruLife option.

Are you considering a premium acrylic which can provide additional benefits such as reduced glare/reflection, more UV protection, scratch resistance and anti-static properties?

We have tried a few of the anti-reflective acrylics out there in various combinations of upgrades and only found one we like, recommend and sell.  That is the TruLife Acrylic from Tru Vue.  Not only does it help reduce glare (up to 30% by our estimates), but the vibrancy remains, and you get the added bonus of being scratch resistant, anti-static (which diminishes dust) and more UV protection at 99%.  Another nice benefit  is that it doesn't require a special cleaner as standard acrylic does.  

  • Anti-Reflective

    TruLife™ is manufactured with a proprietary anti-reflective coating which virtually eliminates distracting reflections and annoying glare associated with other acrylics. In our testing, we put it at about a 30% reduction in glare over standard acrylic

  • Tough, durable, anti-static, and scratch-resistance.

    Unlike other acrylics which attract dust and scratch easily, TruLife™ is anti-static and scratch-resistant. It offers up to 20 times the protection of regular acrylic. It greatly reduces dust, therefore less cleaning of your acrylic art is needed.

  • Colors as Vivid as Real Life

    TruLife™ Acrylic is formulated to transmit 98 percent of light in the visible spectrum, resulting in optically brilliant, crisp color vibrancy. It also offers 99% UV Protection vs regular cast acrylic’s 75% UV protection

"We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our long time customers since offering the TruLife™ acrylic product as an option for our face mounted prints. Customers are noticing a reduction in glare which is a nice feature when comparing to clear cast acrylic. What we like most is the resistance to scratching. Normal cast and extruded acrylic can scratch easily if you're not careful, whereas the TruLife better resists scratches. To top it off, the TruLife acrylic has something in its coating that helps to minimize static which means less cleaning."

Corey Dwinnell, Co-founder of Bumblejax

What sizes are available with the TruLife acrylic prints?

The TruLife acrylic is only available as 1/8" thick, but we can do any custom size up to 96x48" (48x48" square).

What is the cost difference over the regular acrylic?

The TruLife acrylic is about .10 - .12 per sq inch more than the regular 1/8" acrylic and is cheaper per sq inch as you get larger.   You can price out any size here by putting in the size and then looking at the "acrylic type" option dropdown which displays the Trulife upgrade price.

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