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Bumblejax + Baselamp | Backlit Acrylic Photo Blocks

Light up your favorite photo with the brilliant display of an LED Baselamp light frame combined with the stunning clarity and 3D effect of a Bumblejax acrylic block.

We've formed an exclusive partnership with Baselamp to bring our customers a stunning backlit acrylic block display.  Bring your photo to life with an illuminated, diamond polished photo block!

  • No Direct Printing On Acrylic

    We use the original face mount method where your acrylic photo block is created by printing to professional grade translucent paper and then reverse mounted to the half inch thick acrylic for optimal vibrancy, color accuracy and longevity (no fading!)  The Baselamp LED light frame illuminates the block and brings it to life.

  • Exclusive, Luxurious Photo Display

    The back lit acrylic block offers an incredibly modern and brilliant display that no other presentation can match.  Your acrylic block sits in an ultra slim, space grade aluminum frame and illuminates in 3 dimensions.

  • LED Illuminated Photographic Quality Prints

    BaseLamp uses highly efficient and color balanced LED’s to back light high definition photographic quality prints. This ensures that photos and artwork look their best in any lighting conditions, especially in low light environments.

  • Energy Efficient & Dimmable

    The BaseLamp uses fully dimmable high efficiency pure white LED's with 50,000 hour runtime and memory settings.

  • Charge Your Phone!

    The BaseLamp includes a high speed power supply for charging smart phones!

  • Size: Width - 8 Inch, Height - 6 Inch, Thickness - 1/2 Inch.

    Sorry, we only offer the one size.  No custom sizes are available.

  • White Or Black Color Options

    Choose between a black or white BaseLamp light frame.

  • Fast Turnaround

    Most orders arrive at your door within two weeks.  Some a couple days more, some less depending on shipping location.

Swap your 8x6" acrylic blocks out any time.  We sell just the blocks allowing you to add a new look to your Baselamp at any time.  The premium transparent paper is face mounted to the 1/2" thick diamond polished block allowing uniform LED light through to illuminate the block in 3 dimensions.  You can order the Baselamp with your first block or add additional blocks at our easy upload and order page here.

What's In The Box

    8x6x1/2" Acrylic Block with Custom Print
    BaseLamp Light Frame
    1.5 meter Micro USB Power Supply Cable
    USB Power Supply

      Technical Specs

        Input 5.0v DC USB
        Output Power 5.0v DC 2000mA
        Wall Charger AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.6A
        LED Power – 4W, Pure White

            USA Patent Pending 62694798
            Designed in the USA and manufactured in Japan and PRC

              Why Choose Bumblejax?

              There is a lot of competition out there from companies that are very new to the process or using a machine made print direct to acrylic process (infuse ink into plastic).   We have nearly a decade of experience and were one of the first companies in the USA to create world-class acrylic face mounted prints (1/8", 1/4", 1/2) and acrylic photo blocks using a process that achieves exceptional vibrancy and a full color gamut (vs. direct to acrylic printing).  The BaseLamp light frame is exclusive to Bumblejax and can't be found anywhere else.

              • Gallery Quality Acrylic Prints - Made In USA

                Our prints are never outsourced and all are made locally in Seattle with gallery quality.  That means using the finest components and free of flaws.

              • 4.96/5 Star Rating Across 2000+ Reviews

                We have the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry at 4.96/5 stars across 2000+ reviews.  All reviews are on 3rd party sites which we have no control over.  They're from our paying customers who love what we're doing.  See all reviews.

              • Secure Packaging & Fully Insured

                We go the extra mile to ensure your Baselamp + Acrylic Block is secure in shipping with bulletproof packaging.  If for some reason (extremely rare), it's lost or damaged we'll send a new one out immediately.

              • Prompt & Expert Customer Service

                Our service reps are experts and ready to help at a moments notice.   Our response time is typically under 30 minutes during business hours and the same agent helps you throughout the process.

              • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

                We work hard and take care to ensure every customer is happy on every order.  If for some reason you're not happy we'll make it right for you every time.  That's our promise.

              Acrylic Photo Blocks Collage

              Looking for thicker 1" Acrylic Photo Blocks?  We have these too!  These standalone blocks are great for desks and shelves, but there is a hang option as well!  (These are not available with the back lit BaseLamp frame).

              See details on our acrylic photo blocks here.


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