Plexiglass Wall Art For Your Home!

PlexiPerfect! Handmade, gallery ready prints that ship ready to hang on your wall.

PlexiPerfect! Handmade, gallery ready prints that ship ready to hang on your wall.

I don’t like to honk my own horn (ok, maybe just a little) but I think we’ve offered something rather unique here at BumbleJax. We have mastered the art of digital photo mounting. BumbleJax allows you to have your digital photo shown in a gallery ready format! Having your digital photo printed out on our high end, large format printer and then face mounted to one of our unique substrates will give you something special to hang on your wall. One of the substrates we offer is acrylic, also known as plexiglass. This is my personal favorite and is becoming a very popular format for displaying photos in galleries and museums. Choosing to have your print face mounted to acrylic will give your print a clarity and richness that just can’t be achieved with any other technique. Check out our site and let me know what you think, I would love your feedback and to answer any questions you might have.

Your fellow photo enthusiast,


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  • Lindsey

    I just can’t express how cool this concept is!! I have a 2 year old, so the photos never stop being snapped. And NOW I have a means to plaster her all over my house. I’m beside myself with excitement. Really!

  • Andrew

    I am wondering if the jpeg I use in creating wall art should be photoshop ready or if any adjustments are made on your end in color correction, curves, etc.

    I’ve been waiting a long time for this. I think it’s great.

  • The BumbleJax Man

    Good question Andrew! Your jpeg should be photoshop ready before you upload the file. We do take a look at the file before printing to make sure there are no glaring issues and convert the file to CMYK if it isn’t already. If a file looks like it needs to be color corrected a bit before printing, we will email the customer to let them know.

    We can’t guarantee color matching because computer hardware varies substantially – specifically, monitors and CRT displays. It would be impossible for us to claim that the image on your screen will look the same on our screen, let alone our printed reproduction. However, we do utilize color profiling software to generate the most accurate reproductions possible.

  • The BumbleJax Man

    Howdy Lindsey, I’m so excited that your so excited! Let’s make some prints of that adorable 2 year old of yours!

  • Liomar

    Thank you for this information!
    I am planning to reverse paint sheets of Plexiglass. The painted side will be hanged and the opposite side will be in display, and I would ike to know:
    1-Should I seal the clear side? The art will be displayed indoors.
    2- What is the best way to hang this art? The boards are quite large (18×18) and it can not show through the display side. The boards will be displayed 18 feet above the ground.
    4-What is the best place to purchase plexiglass? Can I purchase it with finished sides (glossy)?

    Thanks you very much. I appreciate your help.

  • The BumbleJax Man

    Hi Liomar,

    I’m glad you found this information helpful!

    I have never painted on plexiglass before but have seen it done in a youtube video (see link below). The video should answer some of your questions.

    You shouldn’t have to seal the clear side but note that the plexiglass surface can scratch so put a soft towel down while painting.
    I would go to Tap Plastics ( for purchasing the plexiglass. There are different types of plexi (also known as acrylic) and you can get it in different thicknesses. You can also get the edges to have that glossy look, just ask them to flame polish all edges. I’m not sure if you’re looking for 18×18′ or 18×18″ plexi but if you are needing large panels of plexiglass, you’ll want to go thicker to prevent cupping or warping.
    Hanging this piece will be a bit trickier. Here at Bumblejax, we use a 3mm black sintra as a backer but this process takes a professional and proper machinery to accomplish proper results. Depending on what paint you’re using and how thick the application, you might wind up with too much texture and in this case would be hard pressed to find anything to attach to the back so that you can attach hanging hardware. That being said, anything is possible!

    Good luck with your project and feel free to hit me up with any other questions!

  • julie

    I’m wondering if you’ve come up with a creative idea for attaching your plexi paintings to the wall yet. I’ve been trying to find answers to this problem for MONTHS!
    I also am reverse painting with acrylics on plexi. Usually I paint on canvas–but this is so much fun! but, finding unique, yet, simple ways to display my plexiglas pieces just ISN’T as fun!!
    I do realize that there are mirror clips and other kinds of clips out there–except I’m not too fond of that idea either.
    There are several neat things that I might be able to do–but, for very temporary solutions–I’m thinking that ‘L’ hooks, ”J’ hooks–might be the only way!
    I’d love to know what you’ve found out!

  • ntopics

    Great to hear that face mounting photographic images to acrylic
    is in high demand. Hope we can work together on this.

    thanks from tony

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  • Brigitte Clough

    I was in a gallery this weekend where a photograph (Fuji crystal archive pearl) was sealed between two pieces of plexiglass and
    then a french cleat was mounted on the back for hanging.

    Do you print on Fuji Crystal archive pearl paper?

    Can you mount this type of photo paper as described above?

    If so, what would it cost to have a 36″ x 36″ made?

    Thank You
    Brigitte Clough
    Captivating Photos

  • richard coughlan

    I would also like this answered. Do you use Fuji pearl? Thanks

  • Bumblejax

    Hi, we use a sunset lexjet sunset metallic paper which is the best metallic paper for inkjet paper and provides terrific depth and pop to images particularly when combined with our acrylic face mounting process.