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An optically clear cast industrial plastic which can be used in the face mounting process.  It possesses unique properties over glass, particularly in the way that light refracts within the acrylic to help illuminate the image.  Also referred to as Plexiglas (often spelled plexiglass) which is a trademarked brand name of Evonik Industries in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.  The trademark for the same product in the Americas happens to be Acrylite.   Think of it as the same way we call tissues "Kleenex".  A brand becoming so ubiquitous the brand name is used to refer to all products.  Another popular name particularly in Europe is Perspex which is the brand name for clear cast acrylic for the company by the same name. They are based in the UK and one of the largest manufacturers.  Of course there are various brands of acrylic offered for face mounting including some with special coating to reduce glare, offer more UV protection, as well as scratch resistance.  We carry both our regular acrylic in thicknesses of ⅛”, ¼”, ½” and 1” as well as a premium acrylic in ⅛” thickness called TruLife which offers some additional benefits as mentioned above.  You can see more about our acrylic prints here.