Print Your Panoramic Photos!

With the ease of creating panoramic photos with the new iPhone models and many cameras, many more people are capturing the full spectrum of what they see whether it be the entire family for a group photo, that stunning horizon or urban landscape.  If you’re like me, you have likely often said to yourself, “The picture just isn’t doing this justice.”  Panoramic photos help bring a bit more justice to what you’re seeing.

Now that you’ve got that pano shot on your phone or camera, how about bringing to life by displaying at home or in the office?  Sure, you could go to many online print shops and get a panoramic photo printed.  You can get it done on the cheap at Walmart or Costco, but if you’re looking for something high quality and unique you’ll want to think a bit outside the box on this one.

Here at Bumblejax, we can create simple prints for you, but then what to do with them?  You then have to find the frame, a reliable framer, etc.  Our specialty is creating highly unique, gallery quality wall art.  Our photo mounting process on bamboo, aluminum and acrylic can transform your digital memories into beautiful art.  Every piece comes ready to hang with no tools.  No need to find a frame and framer.

Here are a couple samples of what we can do for you…

aluminum_panoramic_print Here’s a shot of a long panoramic print project done for one of our customers on raw aluminum.  It’s expensive to ship very long pieces of aluminum, bamboo and acrylic so we often recommend customers consider splitting the image like shown to your left.  It really makes a dramatic statement!
PanoBlock_2_web Our latest product offering is the 1” thick polished acrylic photo block.  We stock a few standard sizes and soon will be offering a standard pano size of 16×4” (pictured) which we expect to appeal to all you iPhone panoramic photographers 🙂  These standalone 1” acrylic blocks create a stunning, vibrant 3-D like effect.
acrylicmiami (1) Here is another sample of a long panoramic image split into three parts (called a triptych), but this was done with our very popular acrylic face mount process for a beautiful presentation of the Miami skyline.  Quite a centerpiece for this modern Miami home!

This video shows one massive panoramic acrylic face mount using metallic paper.  It’s a dramatic presentation using digital art created by a local artist.  Unfortunately the angle and time of day creates some glare which takes away from this video a bit, but it is mighty impressive in person.  It’s using 1/4” acrylic and is 72×46”.


Do you have a panoramic photo ready for the Bumblejax treatment?  We’d love to create spectacular wall art for you either as one piece or broken up into parts.  We don’t stock pano sizes since customers generally have varied size requests, but we can do any size up to 92″ in length.  We look forward to hearing from you!  Contact us here with your quote request.

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