Weird Photography Tricks; Shutter Speed & Photographing The Night Sky

9 Weird Photography Tricks That Actually Work

I am always on the lookout for unique photography hacks to achieve interesting effects in my shots. Using creative hacks is so much cheaper than spending thousands of dollars to buy new equipment for different hacks. Its so much more fun too.

This article lives up to its title and does exactly that by providing you 9 unorthodox and creative tricks to spice up your photography game. Some of them are so weird that they seem implausible at first and others are so easy, you may wonder why you didn’t think of it first. Easy or weird, the fact is these tricks work and they will make for hours of creative photography fun.   

The trick for getting shaped bokeh is a great contender for the weirdest tip that actually works, and surprisingly well at that! Another one is the lens reversal trick that instantly transforms your regular lens to a macro lens and allows you to explore a side of photography that is otherwise only possible with only expensive lenses.

However, there are some tips that can potentially damage your camera- your lampshade holder may not be strong enough to support a DSLR, especially with a heavier lens. It may distort the shape of the holder, or worse, break and cause the camera to fall and get damaged.

The lens reversal technique for macro shots completely exposes the interiors of your camera. Even a bit of dust or moisture getting inside your camera can damage it.

Do try these tricks but remember to be cautious.

Shutter Speed: An Overview

Sometimes you come across articles that brilliantly elucidate even the most complicated topics with examples that readers can relate to. Reading these articles is such a pleasure. This is one such article.

This article gives you a truly brilliant understanding of the shutter speeds you can expect to use in different conditions and with visual references too. It doesn’t get clearer than that. It also introduces you to various interesting techniques including panning, shooting waterfalls, and light painting.

This single article can easily help you circumvent the steep learning curve and gain a distinct advantage, even if you are an intermediate level shutter-happy shooter!

How To Take Photos Of The Night Sky

Long exposure image showing star trails over a village in Swat Valley, Pakistan.

This is one of those articles where everything suddenly becomes so easy. The explanation through the entire tutorial is done in a way that is effortless, instinctual and easy to understand for even a layman. Granted, this won’t give you professional grade images, but it’s a great starting point for someone who just wants to start off photographing the night sky for fun.

All the settings are broken down and spoon-fed to the reader to give them the confidence to take their first shot and show them that it is not as difficult as it appears to be.

This article is perfect for those who want to take photos of an upcoming astronomical event at short notice and don’t really have time to indulge in multiple practice sessions.

If did not manage to get good shots of the recent red moon and lunar eclipse because of the wrong techniques, after reading this article you will be ready to get some impressive shots of the next once-in-a-lifetime astronomical phenomenon.

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