Bumblejax Recycles.. Almost Everything!

Creating beautiful art from your photos, unfortunately, produces lots of wood, metal, and plastic scrap materials so it’s important for us to work with a local partner to recycle and repurpose it.  For the past few years, Bumblejax has worked with local partner DTG Recycling to make sure it doesn’t go into a landfill but rather used to create everything from decking (big supplier to Azek), rebar, miscellaneous building materials, and biomass power operations.   We are currently recycling about 95% of our scrap material and fill up one of these dumpsters about once a month.











If you’re a fellow PNW company looking to recycle your materials give DTG a shout.  They’re the largest recycler of construction, demolition, industrial, and manufacturing waste in the Pacific Northwest.  If you’re not using us to create your artwork consider asking your photo lab how they handle recycling and if they don’t recycle encourage them to do so.

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