How To Hang Acrylic (Plexiglass) Prints

If you’ve ordered an acrylic print from us (or any other print), we provide clear instructions and all the hardware needed to hang your print fairly quickly.  All of our acrylic prints at 40×30″ and smaller float and hang on the wall with wire and a monkey hook by default.  We do provide a more elegant (albeit a bit more involved) hanging system with a french cleat using an aluminum subframe for an added cost.  For larger photo mounts above 40×30″ we include a kiln dried doug fir float and hang french cleat system by default.  At larger sizes the french cleat system will be more stable on the wall.  At these large sizes you can upgrade from the wood to a black aluminum float and hang system.  It’s a more elegant look, but not really seen when up on the wall.

Most customers order their prints with our easy to hang wood and wire system so we’ll start there.  We provide you with a monkey hook for drywall (you can buy on Amazon here), but if hanging on concrete, brick or anything other than drywall you’ll want to use a screw.  Here’s a quick video we found on Youtube showing how the monkey hook works.  It’s great since you can just push it into the wall and hang your print in seconds.  It holds up to 50 lbs.

Here’s the back of the acrylic print showing the kiln dried doug fir float system which floats your print 3/4″ from the wall and provides additional stability to the acrylic.  You can see the wire attached will just hang on the monkey hook (or screw if not on drywall).  We add rubber stops to help protect the wall and keep it from shifting.

Acrylic Print Wire Hanging

For acrylic prints larger than 40×30″ our default float and hanging system also uses kiln dried doug fir, but instead of an H pattern with wire, we use a full subframe with french cleat hanging.  Below is a shot of a very large acrylic print using our wood cleat.

The piece you see taped together near the top is the cleat that attaches to your wall and your print simply rests on that cleat.  It’s a bit more work than hanging with wire but not too bad.  You just need to be sure to use drywall anchors if you’re not adhering to a stud and make sure the cleat is level on the wall.  Here’s a closeup shot of this below.

Hang Acrylic Print - Wood Cleat (Instructions)

If you don’t want the wood option, we do have a more elegant looking aluminum subframe and cleat option available (see below) for all print sizes.  Most people don’t care about the material of the float and hanging system since you don’t see it on the wall but there are cases where the aluminum subframe is a popular choice – for resellers who want an overall more elegant look for their customers and for those that prefer a more stable hanging system for prints 40×30″ and smaller.  This would include situations where the print hangs in a high traffic area and/or public space where stability and security are of concern.  We can provide a security solution upon request that keeps the print from being lifted and enjoyed somewhere else 🙂

Acrylic Print Hanging - Aluminum Subframe/Cleat

Installing the aluminum french cleat works the same way as the wood cleat.

Aluminum Cleat Instructions 1  

Last but not least we have our very small prints and acrylic photo blocks which float 1/2″ instead of 3/4″ and always use the setup below with two horizontal aluminum floats.  You could use a cleat to hang these but that’s probably overkill.  We find that just a couple nails or screws work great and the aluminum can rest on those.

Small Acrylic Print Hang

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