Unique Wall Art Idea: Japanese Woodblock Prints On Bamboo

This is the first post in what will be a series of unique wall art ideas featuring our products.  Today, we discuss Japanese woodblock prints which date back hundreds of years when craftsmen spent painstaking hours chiseling away at a woodblock to create a stamp that would imprint beautifully detailed expressions of Japanese life. The golden era for Japanese woodblock prints called the Edo period, lasted from  1603 – 1868 but it wasn’t until the 1760’s that a wider array of colors were used.  Everything from seductive scenes to sumo wrestling to dramatic landscapes were intricately created to reflect the time of peace and prosperity in Japan.  To this day, the skill and patience required to produce these incredible prints haven’t come close to being replicated which is one reason why original prints from this period can be sold for many thousands of dollars (although most are a few hundred).

We don’t sell original Japanese woodblock prints here at Bumblejax, but what we can do is use scans that the Library of Congress provides to create digital reproductions (also referred to as giclee) and mount those prints on one of our unique materials.  While we have many options to choose from such as acrylic, birch, raw aluminum and canvas, we believe the bamboo paired with the traditional woodblock prints offer a perfect match.  Here’s an example of what this would look like..

Japanese Woodblock Print On Bamboo

Cool stuff eh?  What you can do is search the Library of Congress which has 2500+ images, let us know what image you love and we’ll clean it up for you and send you a digital proof.  We can produce these fairly large up to around 40×30″ but can discuss the size and cost once you have your image.

For more details on the Japanese woodblock print on bamboo wall art idea and instructions on ordering please have a look here!

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